DECEMBER 6TH | The Galbraith & Paul Sample Sale Event in Manayunk is a “you just have to go” gathering for those who love bold handmade prints and are passionate about artisan traditions. You will find studio tables covered with mounds of gorgeous pillows, hand-crafted lampshades, and tufted rug samples while you navigate the creative space searching for your own “perfect set!” Throughout the multiple work room studio space you will eventually make your way to the showroom where once a year Liz and Ephi choose to celebrate the studio crew and their ever-evolving individual artistic endeavors. Alongside the talented studio crew, I will personally debut brand new pieces as well as present an edited selection from the D’Agostino limited edition accessories and ready-to-wear collection.

Nine years in a row, this show continues to encompass much of my favorite Holiday Show elements! Be sure to stop in and check us all out for this very special once a year event!

Visit Galbraith & Paul to learn further about their locally based and internationally known Textile and Lighting Studio.

Saturday, December 6th 10am-5pm

116 Shurs Lane | Manayunk | Philadelphia, PA 19127