Melissa D’Agostino

Melissa D’Agostino specializes in shibori dyeing techniques and designing unique pieces for individuals with an elegant, artisanal aesthetic. By hand, Melissa creates a thoughtful collection of seasonless clothing and statement accessories as well as custom silhouettes. D’Agostino’s style of work inspires a creative dialogue about fashion and textiles; attracting both a conscientious and loyal clientele.

D’Agostino received her BFA in Sculptural Fine Arts and a Minor in Textiles from Philadelphia’s Moore College of Art and Design. While studying, she began hand dyeing and piecing together fabrics as works of art. Melissa looked at textiles in a three-dimensional way, and simple silhouettes were born from the fabric. Her interest in composition led her to explore Shibori, a Japanese resist-dyeing technique in which threads and folds are used to create intricate patterns. The result is a visual language that engages surface and volume, forming an aesthetic that can elevate any wardrobe from simple to stunning.

For Melissa, handmade textiles are artwork to be kept close and enjoyed. D’Agostino wraps and scarves can be hung like a tapestry or draped on the bed, worn one way in the daytime and another in the evening. Each piece is designed to become a favorite, a go-to option appropriate for any occasion. In the words of a D’Agostino enthusiast, “I could live in that design.” With such thoughts, she hopes that within her collections, every client can find a piece to treasure for years to come.