Valand MichaelAmidst the Holiday season, it is simply fantastic to be included in the Philadelphia Style article featuring the dynamic duo; Val Nehez and Michael Garden, highlighting the best of our “local gems!” It is a total pleasure to dress Val Nehez, a beautiful woman who captures an eclectic classic touch in each of her extensive interior design projects. Her love for craftsmanship and personal appreciation for the artisan aesthetic by D’Agostino is a perfect compliment to celebrate handmade limited edition pieces. Featured here, styled elegantly to welcome guests through the Holidays, Val looks “Simply Stunning” wearing the Sheer Shibori Stripe Kimono Tunic and Sleeveless Black Dress from the D’Agostino Private Collection. Cheers to the dynamic duo Val Nehez and Michael Garden and their many special “Curated Meals!” Check out the Philly Style article for a glimpse into their world of projects. Cheers and thanks to Sheryl Raskin for orchestrating such a natural overlap of local awesomeness! The feature image at the Ennis Nehez 3580 Indian Queen Design Church space captures so much of our local artisan spirit! Congrats and thanks to everyone for spot lighting such a beautiful Holiday Feature!