SURFACE: Viaducts of Fashion Fundraiser

Melissa Group Shot Edited blog

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Thank you to my beautiful client models and all the local RVP advocates who came out to support! Showcasing my custom shibori silk collection on Rebecca, Toni and Liz was an amazing opportunity to celebrate who I create for. Presenting layered looks of the jersey and silk collection on Jen and Jamila was a fantastic way to show the versatility of these unique pieces. Certainly Sophie and 1yr old daughter Esme lit up the show with a seasonless chic elegance, that many women could connect to! The energy in the room was dynamic, which was a result of the positive energy in this community, thank you to my SURFACE collaborators! Thank you Julia for creating such stunning wall paper panels and canvas scrims to present the vision of the collaboration. Thank you to Jen for not only modeling throughout this experience but also for highlighting the natural beauty of my models! In every way, it was a pleasure to help raise funds for RVP and create passionate art along the way.
SURFACE Viaducts of Fashion Fundraiser was held at CITY SPACE on Saturday, April 5, 2013. The event was in support of the Reading Viaduct project that aimed to open a discussion with the fashion world on the topic of public green spaces.