Now, today, and over the course of the recent three days; from sunrise to sunset, deep nightfall to erratic rainstorms, high tide to low tide, from summer warmth to winter-like fall winds : swiftly shifting seasonal temperatures have ran the range while boisterously occupied and peacefully poetic scenarios have unfolded alongside my “URBAN SEA”–as promised, presenting a decadent array of memorable moments for one and all whom have attended thus far. Discover your individual moment with this wildly envisioned and epically executed site-specific textile installation which honors the spirit of the Schuylkill River, echoes the temporality of our natural landscape, and respectfully resigns to the harrowing reality of bringing awareness to our rising seas. Create the time to attend your final opportunity today, to experience “URBAN SEA” during the unique Artist’s Reception & Interactive Experience. Today, Thursday September 29th 4pm-7pm. I look forward to welcoming you, by the river, to be together sheltered under the historic pavilion, rain or shine!

Fairmount Water Works Museum | 640 Waterworks Drive, Philadelphia 19130